Reddings is your local market for fresh baked goods, organic produce, groceries, grass-fed & organic meats, imported cheeses, & fresh fish, signature sandwiches, homemade salads, and hand-rolled pizza right here on Shelter Island. Bring our fine foods home with you, stay and eat at our café, or relax out back enjoying our dockside water view.


Join us here at Reddings,
or have us come to you, with our catering.


The Goods

Nous sommes français !


The Goods

Nous sommes français !

Café / Coffee Shop

You enter Reddings and immediately see the food – an organic egg & cheese sandwich, all-natural foie gras, homemade beet and goat cheese salad, accompanying the daily special on the chalkboard of croque monsieur. Then the smells: fresh baked cookies, tarts, & pastries alongside the aromas of pressed espresso.


Organic & Raw Juice Bar

Moving towards the back of Reddings Market, we have a dedicated organic and raw juice bar. Our customers take delight in our made-to-order juices: kale, carrots, ginger, celery, swiss chard, and the finest selection of the East End & North Fork’s produce creating perfect all-natural flavor combinations. 


Specialty & Gourmet Grocery

The grocery portion of Reddings fills its abundant shelves with specialty food items, almost entirely organic & gluten-free, while some offerings are even vegan. The goods span from cous cous to jams, jellies, and spreads to beers, juices, and coconut water. Our refrigerators also come stocked with our daily and chef-prepared soups & salads and bottled juices from our on-premise organic juice bar.



The meats – chicken, duck, cow, pig, and all - are organic, and they are grass-fed. This preparation style is not only healthier, but makes each bite of meat taste that much better. We also have entire charcuterie boards available for our customers who may be entertaining guests or hosting an event, just call and ask us.


Artisanal Cheese

A true taste of France: our artisanal cheeses are imported directly from France and sourced from the finest cheese shops in New York City. Our selection of fine, organic cheeses include: goat cheeses, brie, cream cheese, reggiano, and more.


French Bakery

Baked fresh right here at Reddings every morning by our own Parisian pâtissier, the baguette is to die for, the croissant is from a different world, and if you like chocolate, try the grandma flourless chocolate cake. Or if you care for something a little sweeter, then the almond pear tart cannot be missed.


Delicatessen & Handmade Pizza

Stopping by Reddings you'll find the finest deli meats available. Our brick oven baked handmade pizzas are a big hit. What's more - sesame crusted tuna steaks, organic turkey meatballs, lamb sandwiches with goat cheese, balsamic, and spinach.


Waterfront View: just walk out back !

Reddings Market opens out to the docks at Dering Harbor’s Marina. Customers eating, dining, or simply enjoying cups of coffee with us are welcome to use our ample picnic table seating and bask in seaside views of Shelter Island.   


Fresh, Local Caught Fish Market

Our fish purveyors are all local and the most exemplary of the region. Fishes like halibut, tuna, & salmon are supplied to Reddings daily. We also accept special orders for next day fish deliveries as well.



Exquis, délicieux !



Exquis, délicieux !




Croissant, Pain Au Chocolat, Raisin Croissant.....$2.75/$4
Organic Egg Sandwich on a Roll.....$2.50
add homemade sausage..... extra$1.50
add black forrest ham..... extra$2
add bacon or cheese.....extra $1.25

French Toast with Apple.....$10  Plain.....$7.50
Organic Eggs Omelette Swiss, Kale Turkey.....$10
Scrambled Egg Tomato, Spinach Goat Cheese.....$10
Egg Frittata w/ Brussel Sprouts and Scallions.....$10
Toasted Bagel Cream Cheese..... $2.75
Irish Smoked Salmon.....12.50
Croque Monsieur.....$10.50
Croque Madame (Organic Egg).....$11.50
Veg and Goat in Organic Whole Wheat Wrap.....$9.50
Or Gluten Free Wrap


Marinated Grilled Monkfish & Salmon on Skewer w/ Chimichurri Sauce.....$12.99
Organic Roasted Chicken.....$5.50
Fried Chicken.....$12.99
Meat Loaf.....$12.99
Beef Stew.....$12.99
Steak Salad.....$12.50
Sausage Sandwich w/ French Fries Inside the Baguette.....$9.99


Mushroom (Vegan Gluten Free).....$5.95
Carrot Ginger (Vegan Gluten Free).....$5.95
Organic Chicken Vegetable.....$7.45


Beet, Goat Cheese, Walnuts.....$10.99
BLT Salad with Smoked Applewood Bacon.....$11.99
Ceasar Salad with Organic Chicken.....$12.99
Tomato Mozz Salad.....$11.99


Lorraine Ham & Cheese.....$8.50
Provincial (Spinach, Tomato, Goat Cheese).....$11.50


Organic Turkey meatball, Fresh Mozzarella.....$9.95
Reddings 8 Oz. Hamburger on a Pretzel Roll.....$11.50
French Ham and Melted Brie Cheese on Homemade Bag.....$9.50
Lamb Sandwich - Goat Cheese, Balsamic, Spinach.....$12.50
Grilled Steak, Onion, Mushroom, Chimichuri, Swiss Cheese.....$12.50
Chicken Panini, Asiago, Arugula, Avocado, Tomato Dressing.....$11.95

Reddings Deli Sandwich - on white, wheat, rye, roll, multigrain roll, wheat wrap or gluten free wrap..... $7.50 & Up. Choice of: house roasted turkey, roast beef, tuna salad, black forest ham, grilled chicken prosciutto, bacon or chicken salad. Cheese: american, cheddar, swiss, mozzarella, goat cheese or provolone.

Prepared Daily

Roasted Organic Chicken
Roasted Crescent Farm Farm Ducks


Daily Assortment of Hand Rolled Artisanal Pizzas 
Refreshment La Colombe Coffee, Cappuccinos, Lattes




Where & When

Visitez-nous sur Shelter Island !


Where & When

Visitez-nous sur Shelter Island !



Reddings Market is in the heart of Shelter Island: on the main street of North Ferry Road in Shelter Island Heights alongside Dering Harbor. Whether coming from the North Fork, East End, or here on Shelter Island we hope our food and market will bring you joy.



We hope to see you soon!


184 N Ferry Rd, Shelter Island, NY 11964
(631) 749-0003