There is much work to do on an organic farm apart from picking the crops and sending them to market at the perfect moment of ripeness. How do you know they are ready, you ask. You can just tell. There are also animals to take care of—the kind that produce eggs and milk. And there are the roaming domestic pets. It is a big responsibility, but well worth the effort. You develop great relationships with vendors and keep your customers happy for life if your quality is consistent. Most of the time it is routine unless a storm washes away new seeds. You plant, you sow, and you reap. Such is farm life. It is all about fresh air, manual labor, and healthy living. Working is as good as a workout in any gym.

You don’t expect to have a brush with danger in this peaceful and calm world. But it happened the day I nearly ran over my exposed foot with a monster lawnmower. I vowed then and there to protect my feet with better shoes. In fact, I wanted some kind of industrial foot gear to wear only when mowing. I thought of rubber fly fishing boots but they flop around and are more of a nuisance than a help. Plus, they are mighty ugly. Athletic shoes and sandals are obviously out as are street shoes. It has to be a kind of all-purpose work boot, not unlike the ones on Rate My Welder. You might have seen a pair on a welder if you passed by a construction site. Now I see plenty of them online because I am in the market. It is time to select the right ones for my needs. They should be waterproof, sturdy, and rubber soled, but not so heavy that you can’t walk nimbly. I had a flash of genius when I remembered not to buy boots with laces that you can trip on or get caught in the motor. I have horrible images such as the ones you get about wood chopper mishaps. You have seen the horror movies. With the gaping yaw of the evil lawnmower, I better insist on re-enforced toes. The welders use metal tips for durability and safety.

I finally found a good model although they didn’t have sizes for women. I had to guess the equivalent male size. Plus, I am in it now for over two hundred dollars. They are pretty clunky and no fashion item. Maybe I will start a new trend. Ha! They also call them foundry boots in case you are looking. I love the website description that features benefits like comfort, heat-resistant. The soles will resist burning and melting. You can even work around furnaces. They meet industry standards. Ha! I said they are no fashion item, but let me tell you ladies that they are six inches high. Talk about the platform shoe trend. But the real kicker is that they mold to your feet inside.