Life is full of trial and error situations. You never know something for sure until you experience it for yourself. It is called the empirical method and it accepts things at face value. I guess it is like a layman’s scientific method without the test tubes and lab equipment.  In my quest to become healthier, I have used the trial and error method for food preparation with great success. I try to enrich normal recipes with better, fresher ingredients and the results have been impressive. I feel better and attribute my improved mind and body to good nutrition.

I am also on a quest to rid my body of toxins. It is my final step in achieving complete health nirvana. In other words, it will help me utilize what I consume if my body is free from pre-existing negative elements that block my intestines for one thing. This is the main area of concern for us health nuts. We do cleanses on a regular basis, but I needed more. I am using the trial and error method to find the right foot-detox treatment that I can do at home. So far, I have tried four that claim to be the best foot spa. I am not pleased and think that the news on the subject is not yet out: it is a sham. I haven’t felt any kind of relief other than a pleasant sensation of stimulation. It is a basic foot massager and not really a health vehicle.

It wasn’t that I was gullible, but I wanted to believe I could achieve positive results without drinking juice for three days and nothing else. I read that the appliance uses electrodes to “pull” toxins from the body through the foot. There is no pain nor discomfort. The reason is that it doesn’t work! I like the massage aspect and I have found one model in particular that does a nice job of relaxing me by addressing tired feet. I can keep it without guilt because of this function. I just have to forget about the detox instructions that come with the device.

I think that a foot massage is a simple form of “reflexology,” a legitimate type of touch treatment that can diagnose the health of body organs by rubbing certain areas of the feet. Both are involved in order to tackle every single one. Basically, the massage stimulates nerve endings that originate elsewhere such as the stomach, heart, liver, or intestines. Illness may be indicated by tenderness in the foot. I remember a friend telling me that her masseuse could tell by touching a part of her left foot that she had just had a hysterectomy.

The home machine is not as good as having a real person with experienced fingers that can tell a lot with a bit of pressure. But it is effective in any case and certainly worth a small investment. The feet don’t get much attention other than putting them up on a pillow after a long, hard day at work standing or walking. Try the foot detox in its new role and see how delightful a massage can be. Why not add it to your health regimen?