I am going to give you a lecture on good eating. That’s the vernacular for proper nutrition. I can’t emphasize it enough. It is one of the key components of great health and well-being along with exercise and socializing (which boosts self-esteem and mood). There is a lot of emphasis today on the growing obesity problem in the U.S. and lots of vibrant discussion on what to do about it. Diets abound but they often don’t work because they are short term and boring. It comes down to eating the right amount of nutritious food in limited quantities—yes, calorie counting. It means covering the basic food groups for balanced meals and proper digestion. The consequences of eating junk food are well known, so stay away.

My advice is simple: buy fresh produce, especially that in season. Find your local farmer’s market and see what is offered. You will be inspired to good. I love these places and the fruit and vegetables are recently picked and divine. You can’t go wrong. Read the labels of processed food to be sure there are no chemicals or other harmful ingredients like artificial flavors, preservatives, and saturated fats (oils). Baked goods at the market that are not from the bakery counter are the worst as are canned goods loaded with salt.

I bring up this sore subject in my blog today because after having lunch with a friend, I noticed how many poor choices she made. She thinks her weight gain is because she has a knee injury that prevents her from exercising or even taking walks. She wears a knee sleeve, like the kind they use in sports like basketball (you can see them here – https://www.ballersguide.net/best-knee-sleeves-for-basketball/). As a matter of fact, she plays on a women’s basketball team which is how she got injured in the first place. Since she is used to lots of activity, she wonders why she can’t lose the pounds. Now that she is idle, it is a particular problem. Well, I know after seeing her diet. Too many carbs of all kinds, from potatoes and pasta to bread and rice. She is going to suffer as a result and I warned her the best I could. I tend to be preachy about these things and people turn a deaf ear. I told her that the time has come. Just because the knee sleeve is coming off and she is back on the court, doesn’t mean she will drop any weight.

I could go on and on. Our most egregious offense in America is not heeding to portion control. We overeat high-caloric foods and sweets, but even when we have red meat, the size is often huge. Then we snack through the day. This is fine if you eat an apple, but not chips. Gyms are growing in membership, but frankly while exercise is always beneficial, it won’t work off the accumulating pounds all on its own. Overexercising, in fact, can be harmful to the muscles and joints.